Taxis and cars are not allowed in Takarazuka (the plaza under Enpei-ji Temple). Please refrain from using cars or taxis, except for the vehicles operated by the race organizers, as there is no parking space and U-turns are not allowed.

Please walk on the left side of the road to Enpei-ji Temple to allow cars to pass.


<Manners at Sumaura Park>

Please stay inside Sumaura Park so as not to disturb the general public. Avoid hanging out right in front of the station or in front of the ticket gate at the start/finish line.


Please be considerate to other climbers. When passing by other climbers, please give priority to those going uphill, stop or slow down, and always yield the right of way before proceeding.

Please do not use a bear bell late at night.

Crossing the road between Kikuseidai (top of Maya Ropeway) and the Rokkosan Elementary School is prohibited due to heavy bus and car traffic. If you wish to cross the road, please do so at pedestrian crossings.

When on roads without sidewalks, please do not spread out and stay on the left side of the road.


Due to many complaints about plastic bottles and garbage from vending machines, please take your own garbage home with you.

Please do not leave your PET bottles bought from vending machines on the spot. Please do not leave your trash at convenience stores and stores.

Please bring your own cup to reduce trash at aid stations.


Please wear a mask when using convenience stores and other shops. Please refrain from shouting or behaving in a manner that makes others uncomfortable.


Cannonball asks that you donate money at the aid stations. All food and drinks at the aid stations are provided by the volunteers themselves. We would be grateful for your kindness.


■Notes (for participants)


1. You record your own start and finish time (self-goal system).

2. As a charity, a portion of the participation fee will be donated to an organization engaged in social relief activities.

3. Your entry includes insurance. Coverage is as follows: Death and permanent disability: 2 million yen: hospitalization 3,000 yen (daily amount): outpatient 2,000 yen (daily amount)

4. Please note that the entry list, photos and videos taken during the event will be made public.

5. If you are unable to participate, a substitute runner is allowed. Please contact us with the name of your substitute runner.

6. Detailed map of the location of the plaza under Enpei-ji Temple https://goo.gl/maps/PnNXW4TgPV42

7. The cut-off time for NIGHT SPEED is 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the 22th.

8. All TEAM members must finish together. Finishing the race separately is not allowed.

9. Please write your name and contact information on your lights, poles, cup, wallet, etc. so that we can smoothly return any lost items.

10. The number and location of aids for the Cannonball Run varies every time (volunteers). Please prepare your own equipment and food in case there are no aids.

11. To make it easier for you to receive information from us, the Cannonball Run has a LINE@ service. If you register, you will be the first to receive additional information about the event, t-shirt sales, sponsors, etc. Please be sure to register.

Cannonball Run LINE@ http://nav.cx/g1AFssv

12. Please sign the Disclaimer on the link below before the race starts. If this is not possible, please fill it out at the registration desk on the day of the event.


13. Participation prizes will be handed out at the registration desk on the day of the event.

14. The registration desk at Sumaura Park is located in the park on the left side of the rotary after exiting the ticket gate to avoid congestion.

15. Please do not climb Mt. Takatori and follow the detour course.

16. Cannonball T-shirts and merchandise can be purchased here -> https://65cannonball.com/ (will open as soon as they are ready)


■For first-time participants

There are no race markers, information, or safety instructions. The Rokko All-Mountain Traverse Trail is not always well-marked, either. Please be prepared to do this by yourself. Some participants have clearly lacked running ability or have been negligent with their equipment (maps, lights, food, etc.). Problems have occurred such as getting stuck or borrowing equipment. The Rokko Traverse has steep trail sections, even for experienced climbers. To avoid unnecessary problems, please prepare well before participating in the race. The event might have a festive atmosphere, but the trail is no joke.


■Start format

Suma start: Simultaneous start (early start allowed)

Wave start for SPEED (early start allowed)

For the 1.5 round trip (Rainbow), start time is free.

About the detour route around Mt.Takatori, please take the paved road (Nagata Minoya Rd - Shioya Maruyama Rd) instead of climbing Mt. Takatori.

Please do not go on the actual roadways and use the sidewalks (except for bicycles).

There are two Lawson stores on the detour route.


■Safety on the Cannonball Run.

Cannonball is a grassroot race (think fatass race). We do not have a professional medical team available. Please make your own plans at your own risk and be sure to come back down the mountain alive.


About the Finish time report

Please use your smartphone to read the QR code on the Robojiro (the robot mascot) and enter your finishing time.

If you are doing return trips (Power, Rainbow, etc.), please input the total RUNNING time (omit the resting time at the turnaround).

For TEAM, GAY, BUDDY, and STH, the team leader only needs to enter the finishing time.

If you DNF, please check Retire.

If you have a team name, please enter it.


You can also enter your finishing time at the link below.



■Goal cut off time

The goal at Takarazuka will close at 19:00.


■Weather Preparation

The Cannonball Run is loved by the weather, and many past events have been held in stormy weather with rain, snowstorms, thunderstorms, dense fog, etc. Please be sure to bring sufficient equipment for your participation (except for Momo-chan).


■Attention all POWER, BUDDY, TEAM, GAY, STH, and RAINBOW members!


Please run quietly as you will be passing through residential areas late at night.

Please turn on your red lights at night to let others know you are coming.

Please do not use a bear bell late at night.

You are free to start your next leg of the race at any time. You do not have to wait for the Speed to start.


■Luggage storage is no longer available.

If you retire early, you may not be able to pick up your baggage immediately, and it is difficult to move or manage your baggage if the Goal location needs to be changed due to bad weather, etc. We have decided to eliminate the baggage storage service.


Please use the coin lockers at the station or run with your luggage on your back as in the original Cannonball Runs. We recommend you to use other coin lockers than those at Suma station because they fill up very quickly.


■For those organizing aid stations


Please refrain from using public benches or tables.

If you use a car and offer service at Enpei-ji Plaza, please refrain from parking on the street.

If you would like an aid station bib, please contact us by email. We will mail them to you.

Contact info@65cannonballrun.com

<Bank Transfer Information>
Mizuho Bank Nada Branch (branch #491) みずほ銀行 灘支店(店番号491
Futsu (普通) Account 1127739
Payee Shigeta Masahiro (シゲタマサヒロ)

Expect a confirmation email of the transfer within 1 to 2 days; please contact us if there is no reply.
Don't forget to transfer the fee to complete your registration!

You can deposit your participation fee at Chinta Honten, Kenkoudou, ROLL-OUT.
There will be no refunds in case of cancellation.