<Manners and Precautions>
To all participants

  1. Please give due attention to regular hikers.
  2. There is no support at all, including course, safety, etc. Prepare accordingly. If you are not confident, please do some scouting runs.
  3. If caught by police, please do not give out the name of Cannonball Run.
  4. Please bring our own cup to reduce garbage at the aid stations.
  5. Those looking for love, write "Recruitment" () on your bib.
  6. Please declare your finishing time by yourself. For those doing a round trip, declare your total time minus time taken as a break in between trips.
  7. We will donate a part of the participation fee to a charity organization that carries out social relief activities.
  8. Details of the insurance included. Death / Disability: 2 million yen; Hospitalization: 3,000 yen (per day); Outpatient: 2,000 yen (per day)
  9. You give us permission to publish the entry list, photos and videos of the event.
  10. When running on roads without sidewalks, do not obstruct traffic and stay on the left side.
  11. At the start in Sumaura-kouen, do not stand around the front of the gate and station. Stand aside to allow people in and out.
  12. If you can not participate, you are allowed to transfer your registration to another person. Please inform us of the new runner's name at your earliest convenience.
  13. Directions to Enpeiji Temple Plaza: https://goo.gl/maps/PnNXW4TgPV42
  14. Because of heavy bus and car traffic, from Kikuseidai (掬星台) to the Rokko Elementary School (六甲小学校), road crossing is prohibited except at pedestrian crossings.
  15. The time limit for the NIGHT SPEED is 8:00 a.m.  Please declare your time using the QR code on the head of the robot toy with a smartphone.
  16. TEAMs should always get to goals with all members. Incomplete TEAMs will not be counted.
  17. Driving by car to Enpeiji Temple plaza in Takarazuka is prohibited. There is no space for parking and U-turns (the only exception are the race management cars). Please do not stand in the middle of the road at the Enpeiji Plaza to avoid obstructing traffic. When you go to Enpeiji Temple, the road is narrow and cars also pass, so please pass the left side of the road.
  18. The number and location of the Cannonball Run aids are different every time. So you must bring your own food and participate.
  19. In order to make it easy to receive the news from now, a LINE page named CannonBall Run was created. There you can find information regarding additional events, t-shirt sale, supporting shops, etc. Please register quickly when you join the race. LINE→http://nav.cx/g1AFssv
  20. Please be sure to read the release..
    And Agree to the pledge and send it before Start.  https://forms.gle/Y6nFCy1wXN7exUjYA
  21. Participation awards will be given on the day.
  22. Reception at Sumaura-kouen is along the left of the rotary to avoid congestion.
  23. This is the GPX deta of Route https://www.mtsn.jp/cl_record/detail.php?id=10490
    Please Download 

<Declaring your Finishing Time>

  1. Please use the QR code with a smartphone and input your finishing time. If you are running a round trip, please enter the total time (omitting breaks between trips).
  2. For TEAM, GAY and BUDDY, the member who registered the group should input the time.
  3. If you DNF (Do Not Finish), please enter your retirement.
  4. If you have a team name, please enter it.
  5. LINK https://goo.gl/forms/MWM9KfIW204QuJLg2?
<Ensuring safety on the Cannonball run.>
Cannonball is a trail race. We do not have a dedicated medical team. Everyone, plan responsibility, take it easy, and make sure to stay alive on descents.

Goal deadline time
Closing time in Takarazuka Goal is at 7:00 p.m.


  1.  Please move as quietly as possible through residential areas at night.
  2. At night, please use a red lamp facing backwards.
  3. Late at night, bells are prohibited.
  4. We recommend taking a break at Sumaura-kouen before you go on your return trip. Please do not rest right in front of the ticket gates or the station.
  5. When you get to Enpeiji-Tenple Plaza, you may start your return trip at your convenience. You do not have to wait for the start of the DAY SPEED.

<Luggage transportation is gone.>
When people retired early in the past, there were issues with participants complaining about getting their luggage in their desired time and place, so, in true Cannonball spirit, we abandoned this service to avoid race day complaints.

Therefore, run it Cannonball-style, with everything on you, or use coin lockers if you do not mind the transportation time.

Thanks in advance.


Registrations will run from July 4th 2022 at 6:00 a.m. at the following website:


You can also register and pay at bar Chinta Honten, clinic Kenkoudou, store ROLL-OUT . You will be more than welcomed!


<Entry Process>

  1. During registration, from the entry screen, select your category and place it in the cart.
  2. Enter your name, address and other necessary information. Please use an email address other than a phone carrier one as you will not receive a reply.
  3. If entering the BUDDY, TEAM or GAY category, please enter the name of your companion(s) in the remarks column.
  4. Confirm by clicking on your order.
  5. The completion screen will appear.
  6. An automatic delivery mail will be delivered after the completion screen appears.
  7. Registration will be completed once the participation fee is received.
  8. Name of the payee (receiver) is Shigeta Masahiro, and participant name as requester.
  9. Once the participation fee is received and checked, we will send you a confirmation email within 1 or 2 days.
  10. We will send your bib number and pledge one week before the race.
  11. For BUDDY, TEAM, GAY, STH, RAINBOW applications, only one member should register the whole group.
  12. If you register to the waiting list, please enter you desired category in the remarks column.

<Bank Transfer Information>
Mizuho Bank Nada Branch (branch #491) みずほ銀行 灘支店(店番号491
Futsu (普通) Account 1127739
Payee Shigeta Masahiro (シゲタマサヒロ)
Expect a confirmation email of the transfer within 1 to 2 days; please contact us if there is no reply.
Don't forget to transfer the fee to complete your registration!
You can deposit your participation fee at Chinta Honten, Kenkoudou, ROLL-OUT.
There will be no refunds in case of cancellation.