• There is no support at all, including course, safety, etc. Prepare accordingly. If you are not confident, please do some scouting runs
  • The number and location of the Cannonball Run aids are different every time. So you must bring your own food and participate.
  • Organizers are not responsible for theft or loss of valuables during the tournament.
  • We do not bear any responsibility for accidents, injuries, etc. during competitions.


  1. Any and all non-motorized means are accepted. Anyone finishing the Rokko Longitudinal Trail first, whether on their legs, bicycle, horse, miniature poney, wingsuit, hand glider, skateboard or whatever, is declared the winner.
  2. Don't die.
  3. Don't drink alcohol you would regret.
  4. You join and participate of your own accord, and it is your responsibility to stay safe and avoid risks. You are responsible should any accidents occur and be ready to deal with the situation yourself.
  5. If you do not know the trail well and/or are likely to get lost, bring a map. There are no race markings, and the Rokko Longitudinal Trail itself is not always well-marked.
  6. Don't complain too much.
  7. Goal closes at 7:00p.m. on Sunday.
  8. Sign the Release and drop it in the box at the start.
  9. Please make a donation if you use aid stations.
  10. Please  detour  Mt. Takatori (高取山 / Takatori-yama).
    This is the detour route→http://65cannonballrun.com/?tid=4&mode=f2
  11. Don't litter on course (or anywhere for that matter) and carry your own trash.
  12. There are no luggage transport arrangements provided. Use coin lockers or carry your gear.
  13. When you pass eachother, give priority to uphill and please stop or alow down and give way.